The Technology

The Benefits: 

  • Highly Efficient
  • High Torque, power to weight ratio and fuel efficient
  • Minimises internal friction
  • Fewer moving parts – cheaper and lighter to produce
  • Low cost flexible production
  • Uses existing thermodynamics and sealing technologies
  • Long operational life due to its inherent simplicity
  • Particularly suitable with our dynamically Variable Compression Ratio system* and the dynamically Variable Engine Capacity system** (dVECs**)
  • If used with dVCRs*, forced induction and hybridisation (energy recovery) efficiencies greater than 50% are possible
  • Can be adapted as a dual fuel engine petrol and diesel with dVCRs


dVCRs can allow for a very large window of adjustment, say initially running at 1:10 can be changed to 1:20 whilst the engine is running; this change can be preset according to accelerator position if desired.

With the dVECs it is feasible to increase the engine capacity by 50%, say a 1000cc engine can become 1500cc engine whilst it is running, this can be achieved by turning a knob or a slide control as on a radio to turn up/down the volume! Ideal for transporting goods with the bigger engine capacity when fully laden and return home empty on the smaller engine capacity to increase fuel efficiency.