This technology, impressive as it is, is not limited to use within the light vehicle powertrains. The engine goes beyond and above its function and can be used in a multitude of environments.

Efficiencies of the engine enable a wide variety of applications – as it can vary the stroke and compression ratio on demand, in a high torque environment with variable demand is particularly suitable for this technology. Applications such as remote power generation (with variable power demand) are suitable, as well as mass transit systems and refrigeration plants are eminently suitable.


The Benefits:

  • Highly Efficient
  • High Torque, power to weight ratio and fuel efficient
  • Minimises internal friction
  • Fewer moving parts – cheaper and lighter to produce
  • Low cost flexible production
  • Uses existing thermodynamics and sealing technologies
  • Long operational life due to its inherent simplicity
  • Particularly suitable with our dynamically Variable Compression Ratio system
  • If used with dVCRs*, forced induction and hybridisation (energy recovery) efficiencies greater than 50% are possible
  • Can be adapted as a duel fuel engine petrol and diesel with dVCRs