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The Technology

This is a revolution in engine design and allows a much more reliable construction as the high load bottom end crankshaft is completely replaced.

This also allows a great deal of additional technology to be incorporated in the lower part of the engine, something that has not changed significantly in the first century of motoring. Using this technology, we can build a variable displacement AND variable compression ratio engine which can make changes to the engine performance (thermal efficiency, knock sensitivity due to fuel quality, BMEP) and particularly lends itself to mechatronic control allowing dynamic changes to be made depending on demand.

The technology has numerous benefits, including the following:

– Highly Efficient.
– High Torque, power to weight ratio and fuel efficient.
– Minimises internal friction.
– Fewer moving parts – cheaper and lighter to produce.
– Low cost flexible production.
– Uses existing thermodynamics and sealing technologies.
– Long operational life due to its inherent simplicity.
– Particularly suitable with our dynamically Variable Compression Ratio system.
– If used with dVCRs*, forced induction and hybridisation (energy recovery) efficiencies greater than – 50% are possible.
– Can be adapted as a dual fuel engine petrol and diesel with dVCRs.

The IP for the Crankless engine is now for sale under license for £5m + royalties, for further details contact:jim.nelms@cranklessice.com

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